ubiquity is your superpower
spin out in all directions
in the tenth dimension

we are all data now
and I feel so fragmented
something's got to give
we're going nowhere

come along
on a machine gun adventure
three cheers for me and euterpe
was told I might find her
in the empire state
she replaced my first name
with my middle name
once there was heaven
now there's just me
beware the shapeshifters
they take on many forms

shaking out the old ghosts in my machine
making room for the new king
and queen

here today, tomorrow gone
I reach out and make connections
in the tenth dimension

they cut you down at the knees
but hey, the end is near!
and you might be the one for me
you might be the one for me
hell, I might be the one


from Some Magical Animal, released July 19, 2016
Written by Jake Greider



all rights reserved


Some Magical Animal Tempe, Arizona

Jake Greider - Vocals, Guitar.
Rick Heins - Guitar, Pedal Steel.
David Libman - Drums.
Jess Pruitt - Bass.

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